“Friends of Tea” Welfare Lottery Boosts the “Belt and Road” Charity Projects



        This year, China Welfare Lottery Management Center issued a set of twelve “Friends of Tea” instant lotteries, which are a combination of the Chinese elements of tea, culture and fashion. With exquisite works of art being their backgrounds, the creating ideas originating from the deep and time-honored classic, ceremony and morality of tea, and the melodious silk road along the “Belt and Road” being the main line of creation, this set of lotteries highlights the profound historical, cultural and ancient-return concepts of creation.

        Promoted by Mr. Yu Jianguo, the main designer of the lottery set, and with the joint participation of the Chinese Philatelic Corporation and the YICAI Foundation of China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation (COSDF), the “Friends of Tea” lotteries are collected in form of commemorative album, which, with limited distribution, sets lottery, stamp, public welfare and Chinese culture as one, giving lottery more value of public welfare as well as collection.


       The China Philatelic Corporation has issued a special one-stamp set for the lottery album. With the patterns, colors and designs of the stamp complementing the lotteries quite well, the album is of high collection value.


The YICAI Foundation of China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation (COSDF) attaches its “Belt and Road Welfare Projects” brochure, compiled in such seven languages as English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese, to the “Friends of Tea” lottery album, which is given as an international gift to government officials from the countries participating in the “Belt and Road Welfare Projects”.


        As a “Belt and Road” international gift, this Chinese lottery album has received consensus praise and love from leaders of various countries. They held that they can perceive and understand the history and essence of Chinese tea culture through these lottery tickets, that the aesthetic album is highly collectible, and that both the historical tea classics and the classical tea poetries can serve as works of ancient Chinese culture which deserve study and collection.

        With the “Friend of Tea” lottery album being brought abroad and collected by more and more international figures, the Chinese culture, Chinese classics, Chinese welfare, and Chinese design style carried by the lotteries begin arousing international attention. This surely boosts the promotion and publicity of the “Belt and Road Welfare Projects”; it also plays a pragmatic role in publicizing China’s “Belt and Road” national strategies.

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